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Apr 5, 2008

Musang pun ado

The Real Fox
We realli have had enuff with our mainstream media especially The Star. While the pro-government tabloid reports that “Ku Li seeks policy change” in his bombardment speech in Gua Musang, Malaysiakini reported a totally different tune - Ku Li claimed that Umno now is infested with ‘buaya darat’ (land dwelling crocodiles) and ‘yu-yu laut’ (sharks) who have no qualms about sweeping up and swallowing projects and government contracts as well as the rights of the poor of all races. In a clear swipe aimed at our Kerismudin, Ku Li has been very honest when he described “Umno is being seen as a party made up of ‘Malay fanatics’ who, for unknown reasons, like to brandish the keris when scolding other races.”

The Real FoxWow wow wow… Ku Li certainly did not ‘tapek’ his words when he described the current situation of UMNO in a special meeting at his headquarters in Gua Musang, Kelantan. But I would like remind him that Tengku, UMNO bukan saje ado buaya darat dan yu yu lautan, musang pun ado… In my previous post, I have mentioned that the FOX or musang has finally revealed its tail! Indeed, the REAL musang has finally emerged! Together with all his anak anak musang, his campaign of getting back whatever things that he lost in UMNO has gathered momentum! more...


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