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Apr 24, 2008

Uthayakumar's claim of improper medical care untrue: Suhakam

nst - “The allegation that Uthayakumar was discharged from hospital while still being critically ill is untrue. The doctor who treated Uthayakumar has 20 years’ experience in treating those with diabetes. Dr Letchuman had allowed him to leave the hospital based on a professional opinion that the detainee’s health is fine,” he said.

Siva dismissed allegations that the Hindraf legal adviser was not given medicine for his illnesses. For families of the detainees to provide their own medicine, they will have to get the approval from the hospital and prison authorities.

“Approval will only be given if the hospital does not have the needed medication,” he said.

On a claim that Uthayakumar’s food had salt and sugar in it, Siva said the relevant authority assured Suhakam that the detainee only received salt- and sugar-free food and drinks. more...


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