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May 23, 2008

Sheesh, they still don’t seem to get it

Imagemalaysiatoday - [...] Since 8 March 2008, Umno has been holding rallies, seminars and conventions all over Malaysia. I personally attended some of them and even brought my Indian and Chinese friends along so that they could witness for themselves what is being said at these events.

The Malays have lost political power. The Malay states have fallen into Chinese hands. It was a big mistake giving citizenship to the Indians and Chinese back in 1957. The Indians and Chinese are ungrateful and no longer support the government. This happened once before in 1969 and Umno ‘solved it’ by triggering the May 13 race riots. Kuala Lumpur was kicked out of Selangor and turned into the federal capital so that Selangor can remain a Malay state even if Kuala Lumpur falls into Chinese hands. Umno created Shah Alam as a ‘Malay city’ so that the Chinese and Indian population in the state can be ‘diluted’ whereby the Malays can retain power in Selangor.

I watched the faces of the Indians and Chinese in the assembly as they shook their heads in disbelief that the Umno Malays would utter statements that are not only provoking, downright racist, but a breach of Malaysia’s infamous Sedition Act as well. Of course, no police officer made a police report, as what happened in my case, and no computers were confiscated nor was anyone charged for sedition. But this is not because they were not seditious. It is because those who uttered these seditious statements are Umno Malays and Umno Malays are above the law.

Yes, Umno is suffering from an acute case of Acquired Intense Denial Syndrome. They somehow believe that the Malays have lost political power. The fact that this time around there are 121 Malay Members of Parliament as opposed to only 120 in 2004 seems to have escaped them. And the fact that the Malays voted for the Indians and Chinese even though they contested under the DAP banner, plus the fact that Barisan Nasional is in power because of the Indians, Chinese, Kadazans, Dayaks, Ibans, etc., also seems to have escaped them.... selanjutnya.


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