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May 23, 2008



zorro unmasked - But this officer, AZLAN ABDULLAH disregarded the directive and sent out the wrecking crew. His immediate supervisor, one Mahadi was informed by email and sms about this 14 days stay of action. He claimed that he never read his sms for 5 days. This is quite incredible.

Two police reports have been lodged against an officer of DBKL, En Azlan bin Abdullah, at the Balai Polis Wangsa Maju this afternoon for 1) the continuing criminal demolition of private property; and 2) his criminal abuse of power and defiance of order from his superior to stop acting outside of his duties.
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Anonymous said...

Both this guy and his supervisor need to be sacked for being so ineffective and having their brain at their knees.

Stupid fools

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