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Jul 14, 2008

Police are trying to reduce hindrances and traffic jams - Pak Lah

Star | ..... The Prime Minister instead blamed the traffic jams to those who planned to hold demonstrations and said the police were only doing their job in maintaining order and public safety.

“The police are trying to reduce hindrances and reduce traffic jams (that would be caused by the demonstration) too,” he said, adding that businesses and shops affected by demonstrations held inside the city expected the police to ensure disturbances were kept at bay.

“But at the same time the demonstrators say police have no business disturbing them. The police have a responsibility in ensuring there is no trouble and all is safe for the public,” he said.... selanjutnya.

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Shahruzaman said...

err nompang sekali bang, bley? muakakakakakakkakaakakak.... slurrp.. mekasih bang..

Anonymous said...

pm bodoh..sangka rakyat marhaein bodoh...lawak gilerrr..

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