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Jul 14, 2008

Police didn't get the letter?

malaysianinsider | ... Criminal Investigation Department (CID) director Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin Bakri said: "We need the legal process to be obeyed. That's it for now. So, I ask the media not to make conjectures or speculation about this case. Our actions are based on the due process of law… we have to go one step (at a time). "

When asked about what steps these were, he refused to elaborate. "We've got two or three options," he said, adding "I cannot tell you what options we have but that is a process of law."

At the press conference in city police headquarters, he denied receiving any letter from Anwar or his counsel, Sankara Nair, in relation to the alleged police intimidation while serving the Opposition leader an order under the Criminal Procedure Code.

This morning, Sankara said he had written a letter to Bakri protesting the "uncalled for behaviour of the police".

"I didn't receive anything. As far as I am concerned, as director of CID, from 6 o' clock in the morning until now, I've not received anything, with all due respect," Bakri said.... selanjutnya.

Ohhh... by the way .... this is the letter Statement to police
or ... you can check this blogpage ... SANKARA NAIR

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mangchikla said...

Watttt? Who u callin' "liar" , nigga? Say tht one more n i'm gonna kick*ss!!

Anonymous said...

That's why there are so many criminal cases left unsolved. The police are not aware of ANYTHING !!!

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