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Jul 14, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim will not appear at IPK KL today


On Saturday 12th July, AFTER our client has voluntarily agreed to present himself to IPK KL on Monday 14th July at 2 pm, the police in contravention of the voluntary agreement, went about harassing and intimidating his staff members and family members the next day, in attempting to serve an order under Sec 111 CPC. This was totally unnecessary given that we were all in an unconditional agreement, in advance, that our client will appear at IPK KL at 2pm today. Our client has duly protested the uncalled for behaviour of the police and have sent a letter indicating the same, to the police yesterday at 5 pm. Below is a copy of the same for your reference.

Sankara Nair
Counsel for Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim

Statement to police


Anonymous said...

Police already obtained a warrant of arrest on Anwar should he be seen within 5km radius of KL. It means when Anwar goes to police he would be breaking the law legally. Is it also the brainless strategy of Police to trap Anwar?

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