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Jul 8, 2008

Raja Petra’s lawyer summoned to the police station

malaysiatoday | Raja Petra Kamarudin’s lawyer, J. Chandra of ABRAIN & Co., has been summoned to the police station for his statement to be recorded. It is believed that this is a sign the government is going to charge Raja Petra under Section 203 of the Penal Code (making a false Statutory Declaration). The time and place has not been confirmed yet but Chandra will have to go in some time tomorrow (Wednesday, 9 July 2008). Chandra’s legal firm prepared the Statutory Declaration signed by Raja Petra on 18 June 2008 alleging that three other people were at the scene of the crime the night Altantuya Shaariibu was murdered.

The police recorded Raja Petra’s statement at the Sentul Police Station on Saturday, 5 July 2008. He was repeatedly asked the identity of the informer named in his Statutory Declaration but Raja Petra stood firm and refused to reveal the informer’s identity and told the police he was prepared to go to jail if necessary just to protect the informer.

The police then assured Raja Petra they will guarantee the safety of the informer and he replied that they were not able to protect Bala -- who also signed a Statutory Declaration a few days before that and has since gone missing -- so how could he trust the police.... selanjutnya.


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