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Jul 5, 2008

Saiful the Backdoor Boy

betelnutchrociles | .... What I would like to talk about is why a 23 year old boy (he looks very boyish indeed) was allowed to meet and seek a scholarship from the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia in the first place? This fact was confirmed by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak himself when he recanted his initial denial, and said that he had met Saiful Bukhari Azlan at his office before.

But hang on there a minute!

Why should a student be knocking on a politician’s BACKDOOR to apply for a scholarship? I am sure there are other proper channels to go through for this sort of application. Shouldn’t this kind of action be considered ‘skipping the queue’ or ‘pulling strings’?

Does this mean that the Malaysian government awards scholarships only to students who are connected to politicians?

By the way, Saiful has gone through the wrong BACKDOOR if he really wanted to apply for a scholarship. Shouldn’t he be banging hard on Hishammuddin’s BACKDOOR instead, since he is the Education Minister? Or maybe our clean Hishammuddin isn’t into all these BACKDOOR businesses?... selanjutnya.


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