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Jul 10, 2008

Saiful Bukhari and P. Balasubramaniam - Spot the Differences

scottthong | ...When the controversy was in full swing, P. Balasubramaniam and his entire family suddenly disappeared from their home without warning. No one knows where to find them.

Whereas Saiful Bukhari and his family are all happy-happy, joy-joy.

And now, the police are looking high and low for P. Balasubramaniam. Interpol has even been roped in to help. (So much for ‘keep your noses out of our affairs you foreigners‘…)

Meanwhile, Saiful Bukhari enjoys round the clock police protection... .......selanjutnya.

no2umno - Aku dah pening ... ingat orang tua tua kata. Saiful jangan di tolak, Bala jangan dicari . Ehhhh....macam ada kena mengena lak.


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