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Jul 10, 2008

Blame the politicians, not bloggers

malaysiakini | .... So when this is the culture that is prevalent today, are we not being hypocrites in accusing Malaysian bloggers as mediums of ‘disinformation, slander, treachery, lies, of distortion and chaos?’

Who started the slanders, the bickering, and the moral and spiritual decay? Who is to blame for the plunder, for the political abuse, unabated corruption, the episodes of billion ringgit scandals, bailouts and the fiascos we have all witnessed?

As I write this letter, I am reliably informed there are banners being put up by those who were rejected by voters in Selangor giving the impression that Malays are being marginalised!

If this is not plain political lunacy and an attempt to create chaos between the various races in the country at a time when anxiety and tensions are high due to the fuel price hike its snowballing effect on prices of goods and services, I wonder what is.

We must remember that Malaysians are looking at higher petrol prices, higher transport charges, food prices, an erosion of purchasing power, a cutback on spending and healthcare all making families vulnerable to all kinds of social disorientation and displacement.

It is easy to read idealistic and lofty speeches written by professional speech-writers and spin masters without really understanding what is written and what it all means in a country totally polarised by race, religion and now, various political divides.

Have we all pondered what it all means in a country now dominated by an on going war of words and ridicule between a former prime minister and his successor, resurrected allegations of sodomy or worse still, the alleged subversion of justice, lies, conspiracies and murder most foul that is making international headlines?... selanjutnya.


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