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Jul 10, 2008

Bloggers here because of MSM failure

malaysiakini | Fantastic Mr PM! Just the perfect reply. At a time when practically all of Malaysia was hoping you would finally come to your senses and take charge of the country, you come up with this rather exceptional explanation: blame the bloggers! Ya! Bagi depa cukup-cukup!

Only, there's a bit of a problem with that statement. You see, for your information, there is a huge distinction between ‘Loyalty to country’ and ‘Loyalty to government’. Aiya, even the Tahun 6 student can see that difference la.

Or are we still stuck in the glorious era when loyalty to country and loyalty to government were synonymous? Sorry, I forgot that most of us who were brainwashed by the ‘I did it my way’ man have come to our senses now, albeit a bit late, but not too late.

In my opinion, 99% of the local bloggers would be ready to die for the country. But to demand to be loyal to a government that has systematically ‘sodomised’ us for donkey's years? And to use the Rukunegara as a reference?

Errr...who was it who has been quietly and quite efficiently reducing the role and relevance of the Rukunegara these past 20 years or so? Us bloggers?

Fantastic Mr PM. - yes, it's also true that we fellows are the ones who have reduced that ‘august’ house called Parliament into a mere rubber stamp! Ka-ching! You struck the jackpot again!

Second, there would be no bloggers if the local media (MSM) - you name it, radio, tv, papers, etc, had at least shown some semblance of fair reporting over the years.

This is a simple case of demand and supply. Likewise, the bloggers are here because of the failure of your state controlled MSM.

Third, you mean to tell me that all these sordid allegations and counter-allegations are caused by ordinary Malaysians? Good golly Miss Molly!... selanjutnya.


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