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Jul 11, 2008

Why 2 Years, Why Not Now Or The Next General Election?

bloodsuckers | ....The reporters are kind to you, instead of "stepping down" they use a not so offensive word "retire".

Now back to the question, why must you retire or step down? If you think you are a good quality PM and have the rakyat support for the next two years why not continue till the end of the term.

This report quoted from Malaysian Insider is another puzzle.

The officials added that Abdullah picked 2010 because it marks the end of the Ninth Malaysia Plan and that the Malaysian leader wanted to make sure all projects and programmes under it are implemented before handing over power to Najib.

First, there is never any Malaysia Plan that is implemented fully within its time frame, so can this special PM implement all the Ninth Malaysia Plan projects and programs by the next two years?

Second, does it mean that Penang monorail and the PORR programs will be given the green light again? If not how can he ensured that all the Ninth Malaysia Plan are implemented when he retire or step down?... selanjutnya.


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