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Jul 11, 2008

Detention Without Trial: The Ultimate Obscenity

moionlybetter | If you thought Bung Mukhtar was obscene, well, this is even more so. This is the epitome of the BN/Umno's obscene rule.

The above is a picture (I scanned from Harakah) of ISA detainee Shahrial Sirin, detained for 7 years and counting, WITHOUT TRIAL, touching his eldest's daughter Aina Mardhiah's face for the last time as soon as he arrived from Kamunting, Perak at Sg Serai, Hulu Langat, at 9.40pm, on the 3rd of July.

The authorities intentionally delayed the decision to allow him to return home to visit his daughter who was in a coma at the Kajang Hospital after falling at her dilapidated house on the 2nd of July.

Aina died 3 1/2 hours before her father arrived.

Above is a picture of the father forced to say goodbye to his one of the remaining four children after burying his daughter...forced to go back to detention so soon after.

His wife Fatma is a strong woman. I can only imagine what she is forced to go through. And her kids...

I can't write anymore. I am crying. I feel really sad at the continually injustices being perpetrated on our fellow human beings... I know many of these detainees' wives, some even if just as acquaintances, and I am sorry I have not made the time to visit them.... selanjutnya.


Anonymous said...

it only makes me wonder what have Pakatan Rakyat done so far to support Fatima financially?

if cakap2 kosong just to tagih simpati, while Fatima is still living in a shack ... then i think PR is just as bad as BN

Anonymous said...

bukan setakat pm tapi raja pun tak kisah nasib rakyatnya..jadi kena munajat kpd raja segala raja supaya kita tidak dizalimi lagi!

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