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Jul 11, 2008

Anwar unsure whether Tuesday debate on fuel price is on

sun2surf | ...The debate is organised by news portal Agenda Daily is titled "Form The Government Today, Reduce Fuel Prices Tomorrow" -- a promise made by Anwar in his bid to take over the federal government -- is scheduled to take place at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

"There is a possibility it will not take place but I hope it will," he was quoted by Bernama as saying, at a ceramah in Seremban last night.

Ahmad Shabery has of late been quoted in newspapers as being upbeat about the debate, giving the impression that he was looking forward to it although he will be pitting himself against a charismatic speaker who draws crowds to his fiery brand of public-speaking.

The expectation is on Anwar to reveal how he can reduce fuel prices, and how he will fund it, when the present government has repeatedly said that continuing to keep fuel prices at the old levels despite a crude oil price spiral worldwide would seriously impair national development.

Anwar said he will reveal his formula but attempted to manage public expectation when he added: "(It's) not that the reduction will make prices at par with those in Venezuela but it will be a reduction so that people can get by. We are not making empty promises, boasting or lying to overcome the problem."

"The country has to be saved to benefit all the people. It's a question of our future, not Anwar's." ...selanjutnya.


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