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Aug 24, 2008

BM Police HQ outside P Pauh house 300 postal voters for P Pauh!

mafrel | ...A strange situation has arisen when a new Bukit Mertajam police HQ, opened from 2007, is found to house 300 over postal voters who will vote for the coming by-election. The 300 over voters was added only after the 2004 General Election where the BN candidate came close to unseating the incumbent PKR candidate Wan Azizah. Wan azizah won by 590 votes. The police/postal votes have also been `credited’ to save another BN candidate who kept his seat during the Mar 8th political tsunami where many BN /UMNO `strongman’ were swept off their seats. The candidate Arif Shah is the UMNO candidate for the current by-election.... selanjutnya.


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