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Aug 24, 2008

PKR’s Sivarasa warns of vote rigging

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"They are using an illegal list. The Election Commission, which is custodian of the conduct of elections, is willfully violating the law," Sivarasa told reporters.

Although the Election Commission is an independent body, critics often accuse it of acting on the government's wishes.

Sivarasa said that under Malaysian law, any new list of voters must be publicly exhibited to allow for objections before its final approval.

A total of 949 voters who were listed in the last official roll approved in June are missing in the new roll, Sivarasa said. The party conducted checks and found that more than 800 of them are still living in the area but would become ineligible to vote because their names are missing, he said.

He did not say if the missing names are those of opposition supporters.

Sivarasa said the missing voters have been replaced with 861 new names, of which nearly half are non-residents who would cast their votes by post.

The Election Commission insisted the new list is valid.... selanjutnya.


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