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Aug 24, 2008

Hindraf Palsu di Permatang Pauh

Hindraf menafikan pembabitan mereka dengan perhimpunan hari ini yang menyebabkan beberapa orang di tangkap.

penang hindraf protest 230808Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, yang sedang membantu kempen calon BN di Permatang Pauh, turut singgah melawat kuil tersebut kira-kira jam 5.30 petang.

Beliau berbual sekejap dengan anggota kumpulan serpihan tersebut dan berjabat tangan dengan sebahagian daripada mereka, sebelum beredar dari situ.

Sejurus selepas itu, demonstrasi tersebut menjadi tidak terkawal dan polis membuat tangkapan pada kira-kira jam 6.30 petang. - lagiberita
Berikutan dengan peristiwa itu ... HINDRAF telah mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar menafikan pembabitan mereka di dalam perhimpunan tersebut , malah mereka turut memberitahu bahawa ianya adalah usaha penipuan BN semata mata ....


ISA detainee Vasanthakumar had volunteered to join HINDRAF in September 2007 and according to him at that time he was waiting for someone to do something drastic and the fact that I had filed an action against the UK Government attracted him to join HINDRAF. He had then served as a volunteer and I offered him to undertake the post of pro tem treasurer.

It came to my attention in January 2008 that Vasanthakumar has been planted by the Police Special Branch to infiltrate HINDRAF and upon further investigations the fact became apparent.

In March 2008 I was informed by two top Government officers on separate occasions confirming Vasanthakumar was assigned to break up HINDRAF lawyers in detention and the organisation from his detention. He had since met with various people from within HINDRAF to break the organization.

V.K.Regu though was a Pro tem Secretary of HINDRAF but was removed personally by me in October 2008 for undertaking activities against the interests of HINDRAF.

Upon the arrest of the 5 I had appointed a 10 member interim committee of which Tanendran was made the National Co-ordinator and Ramachandran Meyappan alias Ramaji was made the Spiritual Advisor of HINDRAF.

Recent events have shown that Ramaji and Regu had made frequent visits to KEMTA prison to meet Vasanthakumar secretly and they had colluded to break up HINDRAF and take over the registration of HINDRAFas an organization.

Ramaji and Regu had various secret and unauthorised meetings with the Prime Ministers Department, the PM’s Private Secretary and top MIC leaders over the last 5 months and I have evidence of this. It is now clear that all their activities thus far is to break up HINDRAF and take over the leadership of HINDRAF together with Vasanthakumar upon his release from ISA.

It wouldn’t be a surprise that the Government would approve the registration of HINDRAF as a legitimate organisation but the approval would be handed over to Regu Ramaji and Vasanthakumar and other MIC proxies so that the unity and power that HINDRAF has displayed under the MAKKAL SAKTI would be permanently be damaged and shattered.

I apologize to all HINDRAF supporters for concealing these crucial facts all these while. I did this solely to protect the unity and integrity of HINDRAF and to avoid the breakup of HINDRAF. I sincerely believed that the release of the 5 including Vasanthakumar is of utmost importance for the sake of HINDRAF’S struggle.

What transpired today at Butterworth is a blatant insult to the intelligence of all HINDRAF supporters. Ramaji and Regu had placed various advertisements and news in the local tamil daily over the last few days about gathering 20 000 people for a Yaagam for the release of the 5 HINDRAF and for the promotion of the 18 demands submitted by HINDRAF in August 2007 under their organisations ie HSS (Hindu Sevai Sangam) and an organisation loosely named Makkal Sakti. This event that was organised deliberately in the Permatang Pauh Constituency where there the Ex deputy Prime Minister is contesting in a by-election next Tuesday. By using the name Makkal sakti both ramaji and Regu had expected a huge crowd to bolster their grip on HINDRAF by the Prime Minister personally attending their Maha Yagam which was organised in a Chinese Temple (1st time of its kind) and entertained by a local famous pop band group.

I urge all HINDRAF supporters to remain calm during this crucial moment and urge all look out for news in our website www.hindraf.org and www.hindraf.co.uk for the latest news.

As the Chairman of this organisation I take full responsibility for the damage caused to the divine struggle of this organisation and extend my sincere apologies to all our supporters. Let us all unite to fight the betrayers within us who are up for selfish gain and to break the unity that never was seen prior to this within our community over the last 51 years. May the blessings of the almighty be showered upon us on this crucial period and I seek his guidance to take me in the right path.

P.Waytha Moorthy
Currently in London


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