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Aug 24, 2008

1020 Voters without house number in P44 P/Pauh-why?

Permatang Pauh contains 1,020, or only 1.8%, non-postal voters without house number. But the broader issue is that 1/3 of all Malaysian voters are registered without house number. The government should abolish the SPR-centered voter registration process, and automatically register all adult MyKad-holding citizens, to prevent SPR from introducing registration mistakes, inconsistencies, and delays

Table B zooms into more details at the “locality” or street level:

  • There are 414 localities in P044 for non-postal voters. …
  • 123 of these 414 civililan localities contain at least 1 voter who registered without house number.
  • Table B selects only 57 out of these 123 localities - only those localities containing 5 or more voters who register without house number

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