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Sep 23, 2008

The Day of Reckoning

ngapsayot | Today is Sept 23, the day of reckoning. Or the day that will pass by and nothing happens. As I write this, we see West Malaysia is in a state of haywire and amazingly all eyes are suddenly on us in the East now. The politicians here are now being looked upon as the KingMakers to decide the fate of the nation. As we muddled through 2008, the state of chaos has resulted a deeper economic hardship to us. While you politicians are fighting each other for political dominance, we the rakyat, are suffering. And yet, you guys still doesn’t sit down and asked of what we really want. Instead, you continue to create issues that are degenerating our nation into mayhem.

Let us tell you that we, the People of the East want this chaotic situation to end. When we became part of Malaysia in 1963, there was a consensus under the Cobbold Commission. It gave each and every one of us the opportunity to show our preference. Now, what we want is a consensus again to determine to whom our allegiance are. Politicians may said they have the support from the people, but do they? All, in all we are the ones suffering from this debacle.

As the day goes by, life is still not going for the better. Anwar’s claim on the Federal Government is on the brink of collapse with some of our MPs wants to jump ship has only worsened the situation. Both sides are saying the other side is the main cause for this mayhem but do they really listening to us? ... selanjutnya.


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