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Nov 26, 2008

Malaysia is heaven for foreign labour, says BN rep

malaysiainsider | A Barisan Nasional lawmaker described the country as "heaven to foreigners but hell for Malaysians" as wages and fears over potential job cuts dominated Question Time in Parliament today.

Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) stopped Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Noraini Ahmad in her tracks as she was answering a question on minimum wages and foreign workers.

"The people here are suffering. Please protect our people not foreigners," Mohamed told Noraini.

His statement comes as reports of a tightening global job market bring attention to the domestic situation.

Malaysia continues to employ more than a million legal and illegal foreign workers, but the softening global economy has resulted in Malaysia bracing itself for a return to the job market of thousands of Malaysians now working abroad, especially in Singapore.

BN legislators also expressed concerns over the effect of slower growth on wages.

Some are asking the government to now introduce a minimum wage to help Malaysians cope with rising prices.... more.
BN bikiin ... BN buat buat kecoh .... wakakakak
Cukup la ......
Belakun je la ... tak payah merintah


mangchikla said...

boleh saja, tapi toko perusahaan ngak mauk gaji minimum dong...waduuuuuhhhh bisa mati kena parangggggg....

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