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Dec 14, 2007

The Chief Architect of Malaysia Rallies

via khinghong

Khairy Jamaludin, the deputy chief of Umno Youth and a group of protesters tried to force their way into the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre to hand over a memorandum to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Khairy face appears in YouTube video clip with the title Illegal Umno Youth Protest by Khairy Jamaludin. They were, however, prevented from doing so by members of the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU). But Khairy was later allowed into the centre where he presented the memorandum to a US representative. He told reporters inside the centre that the memorandum expressed the feelings of the Malaysian people.

However, Khairy involvement in this Anti-Israel Rally was defended by his Umno Youth president by saying “Demonstrasi Pemuda Bukan Demontrasi Haram” (meaning Demonstration Umno Youth Is Not An Illegal Demonstration in Malay).


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