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Dec 14, 2007

Sorry, I'm Indian

via anfielddevotee.blogspot

"This a betrayal of our country. Was there ethnic cleansing? There was nothing about wiping out the Indians in the country." - PM

"If I have to sign (ISA detention orders), I will do so without feeling guilty or sad." - PM

As expected, that wonderful three-lettered piece of legislation has finally made a return to the front pages. The HINDRAF leaders/organisers were sent off fer a holiday in Kamunting last nite after rumours of a second (& bigger) rally was being planned. No fooking surprise that the govt would go down this route.

"Racial hatred", "sedition", "national security" - all the usual reasons were wheeled out to justify the govt's use of this piece of legislation. But like I said, this was to be expected. What is of a greater concern is how law-abiding citizens are also affected.

This is what our good friend Premo had to endure on Wed nite as he drove into KL city centre fer an appointment. The place was utter chaos not because of street demos but due to numerous police road blocks. Premo was stopped & immediately questioned as to his involvement with Hindraf. On what basis? Coz he is Indian. Despite his protestations, he was hauled off to the utterly unpleasant confines of the Dang Wangi station. He was among 15 others who were being held on "suspicion of being linked to Hindraf".

After a couple of hours of being subject to all sorts of racial slurs (Premo can't even bring himself to repeat most what was said such was his disgust),he was let go with zero fooking explanation. This episode literally means Indians cannot freely go where they want in their own country of birth. How is this reflective of a democractic country?

This goes beyond racial profiling. It is sheer fooking RACIAL harassment. How can anyone justify being made to feel like a fooking criminal fer the colour of their skin? Think bout it fer a moment, a law-abiding citizen of this country is hauled off simply fer being Indian.

Fer those who think this is a minor inconvenience fer the greater "good & safety of the rakyat", will see if you feel the same if it was yer arse being dragged into custody. And believe me, it is a unnerving experience to be in when you know the police can do whatever the fook they want (& get away with it!). Premo's story is not an isolated incident. Neither will it be the last.

Yes, Malaysia Indians have not been exterminated like the Bosnians in the Balkan states. But as Premo's experience highlights, our rights are constantly being trampled upon & treated like fooking no-class criminals. Malaysia - a civil society? Fook off!

As fer the police behaving like Ku Klux Klan members, anyone who knows the inner workings of the police force will tell you this is nothing new & if you are of an ethnic minority in their custody, things will be very fooked up (fer you, that is).

Do you think this is a small price to pay? Or are you intelligent enough to realise certain fundamental human rights are sacred? I leave it to yer better judgement to decide & to cast yer decision at the upcoming polls . . .

ps: Please feel free to comment or share any similar experiences you may have had . . .


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