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Dec 14, 2007

Heal thyself

by Raja Petra (RPK)

I would like to suggest to the Agong and the Rulers that they just sit back and do nothing. Why should the Agong and the Rulers take the trouble to sort out this nation’s problems? If 12 million Malaysians voted for the ruling coalition or refuse to vote or refuse to register to vote then we three million Malaysians who voted for the opposition, plus the Agong and the Rulers, should not be pressured into correcting what was not our doing in the first place.

Let the government extend the tenure of the Chairman of the Elections Commission beyond his retirement age. Let the government appoint the Umno lawyer as the next Chief Justice of Malaysia. Let the government gerrymander the electoral boundaries so that all the ruling party needs is 50% of the votes and still rule with a two-thirds majority. Let the government set up a Mickey Mouse Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Lingam Tape. Let the government stifle dissent and free speech and arrest all those who participate in ‘illegal assemblies’ and detain the leaders and organisers under the Internal Security Act. Let the government come out with religious decrees or fatwahs declaring Buddhist statues as haram and which should be banned. Let churches and temples be demolished and non-Islamic religious symbols removed from missionary schools. Let the ruling party Members of Parliament scold the non-Malays and ask them to go back to China or India if they are not happy with this country. Let the government abuse its authority and power and misuse our funds on grandiose and wasteful projects.

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