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Dec 14, 2007


source: watonearthrwedoin

A new campaign should begin.....Tak Nak! to ISA!

ISA, a internal security act which allows detention trial has been applied unto 5 hindraf leaders. And for what? apparently claimed to be a threat to national security. Of course, it is justifiable in the eyes of those who had played up the issues against Hindraf.

beginning with hindraf's national tour to deliver talks pertaining to the Indian community marginalization, they were brought to lime light in the name of sedition. Although some of the claims are rather farfetched in the sphere of our definition of certain terminology used, but nonetheless, Hindraf uses those "farfetched" terms as their punchline to get attention. Of course, using such strategy is taking a big risk, especially going against the norm of definitions, nonetheless, they have successfully gained international attention through their "farfetched" claims.

What's next? Uthayakumar's office was thoroughly searched by the police to catch Hindraf red handed for seditious materials. However, at the end of the day, it was futile, they left the place empty-handed, and I believe with frustration, they'd probably thought "Dang...this guys hide barang larangan better than school students!" Well, of course i write this in view of my experience as a prefect. As long as there are a list of "suspect" classes, we always expect a great haul when doing a spot check in those classes. Otherwise, we'll leave by concluding, "they have passed the barang larangan to their friends in another class", "someone in the prefects' board leaked info", "the teacher coorporated with the students", and of course, all these reasonings rule out the fact that they never actually brought barangan larangan, it was merely their lucky day. And of course, that happens when we are frustrated. "There are no substantial evidences we can bring those Hindraf crooks to court", a most possible statement to be made by police personnels who did the search in Uthayakumar's office.

Then, we have the mass rallies, which, of course has been sensationalised out of proportion by the government, not only have they brought 31 guys to a murder attempt charge, the PM even issued threat to invoke ISA. More than that, they have portrayed those who joined the rally as violent and uncivilised people.

After that, the 5 who are currently detained under ISA were brought in court in and out over a number of times. of course the 1st charge before the protest was not pleasing to the government because they were released unconditionally on grounds that there were no substantial evidences to charge them, mainly because the prosecution team failed to produce an original tamil transcript as evidence, but only a mere translation of what has been said. I support the judge's decision because anyone could temper with the translation prior to submission as evidence. So, after a series of arrest and release on bail, all on grounds of sedition, the police raided the office again. This time even scanning computers and everything they can find there. However, they left the place empty-handed AGAIN.

That incident just reminds me once when we suspected one of our prefects leaked info to his/her classmates. our suspicion began when we presumed that this particular class has all the illegal stuff we can imagine of, but when checked, we left empty-handed. Then the same reasoning process takes place, and by flashback of events, we found that the prefect in that class was acting unusual prior to the spot check, so we interrogated him/her and concluded info leaked. So, we did a 2nd round of spot check after recess, but still was futile. Of course, we couldn't charge the prefect for leaked info, because of lack of evidence. Nevertheless, we warned sternly and let him/her off the hook with a disappointed and frustrated heart. Same shit, different smell. My prefect days. hahahahaha....

So, now, back to my main story. Empty-handed again!!!!???? GARRRRRrrr....I know somewhere behind my mind that they made very seditious claimssss!!!! I must leash out my frustration and dissapointment! ahah! of course! our trump card - ISA.... So it is...the 5 were detained.

Of course, they did not invoke ISA blindly or without strategy. Look at the flow of events, especially on mainstream media. starting with PM's threat to invoke ISA, it was followed by the IGP's baseless claims of Hindraf's linked to terrorists, hence threat to national security, and seditious claims made. if we look through all the allegations made by the government against Hindraf, I am yet to read any evidences materialized to confirm these allegations. All they have is "I know they ..." or "we have info that they ..." Can they produce them in court please? Why detention without trial? No evidence izzit.... Well, of course PM also made statements that he put security above freedom. Dear PM, abolishing freedom is threatening security. When an individual has no sense or assurance of their own freedom, do they feel secure? basically is this, most rape victims do not feel secure, because their fear has clamped down their freedom to move about, the moment they move about freely against their fear, insecurity and paranoia may take over, is there security for that individual? Take this example to a marginalized group. Let's just apply it to the Malays, since the government fight so much for the NEP. the Malays freely express their needs to excel in society and get a bigger pie in equity ownership. their plight was heard as they freely expressed them, and now they feel that their positions are secured. Imagine if the government of those days shut them up and throw them in prison via ISA, the 1st thing is that comes to mind is this "Malaysia is not a safe place for me anymore, others are robbing me of my wealth and well being in this country." do they feel secure? Heck no. Dear PM, robbing our freedom = threatening our security.

Of course my story is hypothetical of what goes on in the mind of those who invoked ISA upon the 5 hindraf leaders. and the side stories of my prefect life just confirm how ugly i was myself... I just hope i could turn back time and change things... oh well, time to move on anyway. Good thing we have no parallel ISA in school, otherwise we'll see alot more disciplinary actions taken by the teachers.

Tak Nak! to ISA once more.

My prayer is that God will give a chance to our authorities to uphold justice in this land. Nevertheless, the end point I hope is justice prevails.


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