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Dec 19, 2007

Gobalakrishna released on bail

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Party Keadilan Rakyat's Supreme Council member Gobalakrishna a/l Nagapan has been released on bail at 11:30 am today (Tuesday Dec 18). Gobala was charged in Shah Alam court on 12 December (Wednesday).

The charge alleges that he caused damage to the property of Batu Cave Temple on 25 November. The Attorney General Gani Patail personally appeared in court to press charge and applied to deny bail for Gobala. However, the court fixed a bail of RM 20,000 with a surety.

Gobala decided to stay in the detention in protest against the unusual high bail, and in solidarity with 31 protesters who had been denied bail.

With the release of the 31, Gobala accepted to be bailed out and freed from Sungai Buloh prison this morning. He thanked all Parti Keadilan Rakyat leaders and members for their relentless support while he was in detention.

"The Attorney General is using the court as a tool to deny the people's rights to assemble and free expression," said Gobala.

"Gani Patail tried to intimidate people away from peaceful assembly by threatening them with denial of bail. I believe this will not frighten the people.

"The law is arbitrarily used to serve the interest of ruling politician. Samy Velu claimed that he helped to secure the release of the 31 accused. If a murder charge could be thrown out because of Samy's pledge, that means it was a trump-up charge in the first place.

"Then what happen to the allegation that the demonstrators are connected to terrorism? The AG must openly apologize to the participants of peaceful rally for making unfounded accusation.

"We will continue to assert our rights. We are not terrorists. Indian community by and large loves peace and patriotic to our country. We are only asking for justice and equality."

Gobala also call for the unconditional release of all Hindraf leaders detained under ISA. He vowed that he is determined to campaign for their freedom.

Biro Penerangan
Parti Keadilan Rakyat
18th December 2007


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