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Dec 19, 2007

What Basis To Detain Bloggers Under ISA?


I am gazing at my PC pondering over another SMS alerting of possibile arrest of several Bloggers under ISA codenamed as Ops Padam sometime this week. This rumour had surfaced the week before and was first posted on Kuda Kepang blog on December 8th mentioning 5 bloggers, 10 opposition members and Hindraf organisers.

I am not ready to believe rumours these days, especially after receiving some malicous SMSes last week of some gathering at Kg Baru on December 16th, that thankfully, did not materialised. There was than talk of venue change to Puchong. I agree with the IGP to go after rumour mongers.

Thus far, only the Hindraf 5; namely R Kengadharan, P Uthayakumar, K Vasantha Kumar, V Ganabatirau and M Manoharan (their pictures below from left to right) have been held.

Unless he is able to secure political asylum abroad, another Hindraf orgamiser, Waytha Moorthy is expected to be held also under ISA upon his return from the United Kingdom. He managed to leave for United Kingdom after getting the first Sedition charge strike out on technicality. Waytha was the claimant for the ₤3 trillion (approx. RM13 trillion) class action against the British Government. |more...|


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