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Dec 19, 2007

Pak Lah, please lah, enough lah!

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During the campaign period in the 2004 General Election, Barisan Nasional spearheaded by the newly appointed Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi crushed oppositions with a landslide victory with a 92% seats in the Parliament.

His infamous slogan are like "Work with me, not for me" and "It’s time for you Chinese community to have a Justice Bao".

I was so impressed and I thought, I have no other way but to concur with him, hence I decided to give this Pak Lah a chance and voted him in Kepala Batas parliamentary seat. Yes, you’re absolutely right, I was born and grew up in the same hometown as Pak Lah and I’m here to confess my sin that I voted him in 2004!

Probably that was my first time and being a naive teenager, I was harboring mountain high hopes towards the new administration with new bloods and so bloody convinced (I swear!) that he is going to be the one to bring this country to a greater height, surpassing every achievement accomplished by his predecessor Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and rectifies the many wrongs in the previous administration.

Unfortunately, as we’re drawing closer to the year 2008, which is more than 4 years after the unprecedented feat, it’s already bad enough that we’re not moving forward, we’re indeed experiencing retrogressive progress!

Talk about corruption, talk about cronyism, talk about transparency in governance, talk about judicial independence, talk about human rights, talk about global competitiveness, talk about inflation, talk about public safety and I mean, you can really talk until the cows come home and you’re still talking about what he should have done but unfortunately, that’s not the ideal case that you’d have expected from him after plethora of promises made.

Bad? Just when you think it’s bad enough that he (the PM) is not going to be that bold in this coming GE, he caught me with surprise (not sur about you) when openly asking for support and promises not to disappoint anyone who support him, seemingly oblivious and unfazed by his lousy administration.

I’d say this latest confession by Pak Lah is a historical moment and is absolutely an unforgettable one, hence would love to give him maximum fanfare as well as to ensure that no one is going to miss the great article with the header "PM: I won’t disappoint the people" as published by The Star on 18 December 2007 (Tuesday).

(SOURCE: The Star, 18 December 2007)

My conclusion? The greater responsibility he is going to have, the more disappointed you’re going to be.

Don’t say that I’m not giving you my final caveat.


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