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Jan 15, 2008

Did sammy order the hit on his deputy ?


Woi gunchi, manyak pandai cakap orang sulah geela aahh..

Tapi wa setuju samalu, ini negara memang manyak orang geela.

Tapi wa caya gunchi oso orang ala sikit tak betoi.

Ok on second thoughts, I think gunchi memang betoi betoi tak betoi.

MT has an interesting article about Sammy being accused of the one ordering the hit on his deputy.

Malaysia today

The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) has denied the charge that its chief S. Samy Vellu and his family members were involved in a conspiracy leading to the gunning down of party leader S. Krishnasamy.

Krishnasamy, a member of the Tengorrah assembly, was shot dead Friday.

Vellu, who is the Malaysian works minister, and his son have been named as conspirators in photocopied notices handwritten in Bahasa Malaysia that were found pasted on the front door of the party's headquarters in Medan Kidd as well as on several food stalls and buildings nearby.


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