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Jan 15, 2008

Poor Malaysia!

Refer to Malaysiakini.com:

In the prologue to ‘Dr Mahathir's Selected Letters to World Leaders’, he writes: "It did not cross my mind that after I left (office in October 2003), there would be such a change as to make pleasing the prime minister more important than anything else."

Referring to the state of media freedom under the Abdullah administration, Mahathir writes that news in the mainstream media is “so censored and spun by spin doctors that the prime minister cannot possibly know the feelings and frustrations of the majority of the people ... fortunately for the government, Malaysians abhor violence when expressing their anger”.

He then notes: “So things must become much worse before they would show their (people's) true feelings in any way. In the meantime, the sycophants will continue to enjoy their day. Poor Malaysia!"

I am looking forward to read his newly launched book. It is interesting to read the prognosis of a former premier who is credited with much of our democratic destruction in the last two decades. |more...|


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