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Feb 22, 2008

Deny them a two-thirds' majority


As polling day draws closer, P Ramakrishnan reminds us that the only way to stop politicians from manipulating issues of race and religion is to deny the ruling coalition a two-thirds’ majority.

After hearing the moving personal tragedies of some unfortunate Malaysians, it would appear that we are heading for turbulent times.

It is rather sad that religion that is responsible for our inner spirituality and our common humanity should be the centre of the storm. We really cannot fault religion for this. It won’t be fair. After all, doesn’t religion instil and inspire in all of us the good values of living a decent life that reflects our compassion for one another, our love for justice, our craving for human dignity, our search for peace and harmony, our desire to fight corruption, our longing to be treated without discrimination?

This is very much so if we reflect on our past and recall our own experiences. I come from a tiny town in a rural setting. We, the people, got on very well. My classmates – Chinese, Indians and Malays – had no qualms in visiting me and sharing our food and spending the night under our roof. Religion never got in our way. It did not form a barrier and did not keep us apart. We used to call one another in jest, “Dei Hindu, Hoi Cina, Hei Melayu” and nobody got offended. more...


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