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Feb 22, 2008

Fong Po Kuan Returns!


In a piece of good news that is sure to galvanize the efforts of opposition politicians two days before nomination day, Fong Po Kuan, one of the more popular DAP politicians has announced in Ipoh today that she has reversed her initial decision not to defend her Batu Gajah parliamentary seat.

I first caught wind of this on Lim Kit Siang’s blog and also Malaysiakini which reported that she decided to come back after persuasion by party leaders.

Fong Po Kuan
Said Fong:

Fong apologised to the Batu Gajah voters, supporters and the party for causing them ‘disappointment and hurt’.

“It was definitely a very painful decision (to withdraw). However, I felt very remorseful when I discovered how much a majority of the people cared for me and supported me.

“Indeed, the reflection of their immense support touched me deeply which brought about the thought that I must not fail them,” she said.

Fong said she realised that her decision to quit was not wise.

“Besides, this coming election is very crucial to all concerned Malaysians.

“I promise to remain to shoulder the responsibility to be at the frontline with all Malaysians for the benefit of many generations to come,” she added.

When Fong Po Kuan first announced her decision to withdraw, I was really upset, and it prompted me to write a post to petition citizens of the country who cared, to leave a message on her blog, urging her to reconsider. I guess I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a good idea to at least try to get her to change her mind by letting her know how we felt.

At post time, her initial announcement on her blog has drew more than 300+ responses with some commentary criticizing her for her decision, while mostly were supportive but still hopeful she would return.

Today, I salute the power of the Internet to shape a person’s opinion, because without the Internet and Fong’s blog, I think that people will not be able to share their feelings with her directly.

I am really glad with Fong’s decision, but this is really not the end of the story. Will Fong need to mend fences with Batu Gajah voters who might be put off by such ‘flip-flopping’? I guess that will have to come in another post…


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