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Feb 2, 2008

The Emperor's New Clothes! Whats in a name? A lot! Especially now!

via barkingmagpie

He should not have officiated his daughter's boutique with such a telling name, then I do not have to write on this subject. Or KJ and Nori should have chosen a different name for the boutique!

The Emperor's with no clothes is political parody by Han Christian Andersen.

I have a confession to make. I was once Abdullah Ahmad Badawi greatest fan, not anymore! When he was in a political limbo he was most humble and likeable. Once I was summoned by one of his officers to Wisma Putra at Kampung Attap. Even though I was on a deadline to finish my story I rushed to see him, for he then had my most extended goodwill for him go up in his political life, but then politician forgets!

The officer said Pak Lah had asked me to write something which until now I have no idea what he was trying to do then to test me for what ever reason. I was then a reporter, and again I was invited to his official residence at Jalan Bellamy for he had wanted to know how a story on one Supreme Council meeting was "misreported" and who had leaked the story to a particular reporter on the same paper as I worked with, and I said "Sir! I do not know". The suspected "leaker" was believed to be Anwar Ibrahim.
I have no idea how THE most likeable man can become an object of ridicule and disdain in such a short period of time?!

Pak Lah then would always find time to greet me when he was in a political limbo and when he was a Foreign Minister, he would always surely asked about my daughter and how she was doing or when she would be back, blah, blah, blah! You see my daughter and his daughter are or were friends, when he was in a political limbo. Suddenly he now even refused to look at me in the eyes and he would even moved away when I offered my hand to shake his!! Muslim Hadhari? I can never forgive him for that!

He is now beginning to behave like an "Emperor's With No Clothes" where all the "swindlers" in his outfit will tell him that his political "clothings" look fine, when under the present rating, and asked everyone on the street, he is politically "naked" and he does not even know it! No one on the street likes him, from a taxi driver to the entire cabinet! Mentioned his name, expletives will become part of that conversation!

I am a Malay and I am not happy with this country under him. Pak Lah was one of the hopes that I pinned on for my future generations But, alas, looking at his "swindler tailors", Pak Lah will be known in my family history annals as the most politically naked, the most hated by the Malays, inept, weak, most easily manipulated, suffering form personality bypass' syndrome, and many other syndromes Prime Minister.
I don't believe I have hated any other prime minister, not even Mahathir, as as must I hate him now. I am nearly reaching my three decades of living and I can say what I am saying now or I will never hold my piece forever, and I just hope that someone is brave enough to tell him "Sir you are naked and have no clothes on!"

Below is a synopsis on "Emperors With no Clothes", a short story by Hans Christian Andersen:

"An emperor who cares too much about clothes hires two swindlers who promise him the finest suit of clothes from the most beautiful cloth. This cloth, they tell him, is invisible to anyone who was either stupid or not fit for his position. The Emperor is nervous about being able to see the cloth himself so he sends his ministers to view it. They see nothing yet praise the cloth. When the swindlers report a suit of clothes has been fashioned, the Emperor allows himself to be dressed in their creation for a procession through town. During the course of the procession, a small child cries out, "But he has nothing on!" The crowd realizes the child is telling the truth and begins laughing. The Emperor, however, holds his head high and continues the procession."

No cheers today!


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