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Feb 2, 2008

Did the Star lie? Demand for your goodies quick


The Star did not tell a lie and Malaysiakini was busily reporting to balance up with the opposition’s news.

The Barisan Nasional was on a roll in Penang yesterday, with top guns from its component parties making the rounds and distributing a lot of goodies to orang Penang.

Orang Penang were promised some new/relocated Chinese schools, jobs and given money (8 Indian NGOs received 10k each).

It is interesting second Finance Minister Nor Mohd Yakcop was in charge of handing out money to the Indian NGOs and promising to secure jobs for Indians. Maybe he will be running as a candidate in the GE after all.

Total goodies promised:

Chinese Schools - MYR3.8 million

8 Indian NGOs - MYR80,000 (handed out already)

Extra pocket money for 9,514 disable persons (registered with Community Rehab Centres PDK nationwide) - MYR951,400

Increased allowance for 1,479 PDK teachers - MYR443,700

Monthly allowance for new posts PDK supervisors - MYR1,200 x total numbers to be hired

We have no quarrel to increase necessary allowances for deserving Malaysians. But to announce all these goodies at one go in 1 day? Why could it not have been done sustainably or in good taste or with a bit of class during the past 4 years?

It’s too much for the stomach to bear.

It’s too much for the conscience to fathom.

It’s too much for the thinking voters to believe.

Poor orang Penang. We pity them for being overwhelmed by all these assaults on their emotions at one go.

There should be laws to disallow this kind of behaviour. So that campaigning can be more fair and can be judged on the strength of future policies, plans and real leadership.

What are you doing about it, SPR and the National Unity and Integration department?


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