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Feb 2, 2008

I Want My Right


I'm a Malaysian and I deserved my right to vote. I've initiated, and yet I was told off, indirectly?

As I went to the post office in 1 Utama yesterday, I was told that they've run out of SPR forms for registration of voters. Instead of telling me where I can get the forms, the Malay lady at the counter told me that most of the post offices have run out of form and afterall, it took 3 months to be registered into the database.

Which means what? I don't get to vote even the Government has not announced the offcial election date yet?

3 months for processing registration of voters? Where's the efficiency of the system. Already the Election Commission made life difficult for not going 'online', again, out of forms are seriously a funny and weird thing to happen? I would've thought they have the statistics in their mind and running out of forms agenda only happens in a poor or primary school activity planning. Shame on the Maths or they just don't care, or there's an agenda behind it. I'm thinking whether I should wear a Barisan Nasional t-shirt or bandana and announce in any BN offices that I haven't registered for voting. Would they get my name on the list in 2 weeks time?

"Efficient and transparent"?

Thanks a lot FOR the trouble, Abd Rashid.


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