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Feb 1, 2008

Latest Update:Gordon Brown to meet HINDRAF leader Mr.Waythamoorthi.


1st Feb 2008,Mr.Murugesh an HINDRAF supporter with 4 others will stage hunger strike in Trafalgar Square in London.And we are also understand that about 1000 people will gather at Downing Street(where Mr.Brown's office is located).

And some sources saying that British PM official had been approached by HINDRAF,and the officials gave positive reply where 6 of the represantives(Including Mr.Waythamoorthy,HINDRAF chief) were invited to closed-door meeting.Some unconfirmed news are saying that Mr.Gordon Brown himself will meet the 6 represantives.

As we all known,about 150 years before,British had brought Indians to then Malaya as labourers for their rubber estates.Most of the Indians came to Malaya stayed,and became part of uniqe nation.And even after 50 years the colonialize powers left the country,but indians situation in the country is still same as 50 years ago.Further more,Indians were marginalised in past 50 years.

Aware or not,British goverment should take responsiblity for our situation.And they're(British Govt) ready to talk with us.

But the great Malaysian BN Govt(led by UMNO) is not ready even to discuss about our plight.What they did was,snubbed HINDRAF for once and all.Even after Indians showed their dissatisfaction during Nov 25th Eye Opener Rally,Malaysian govt still argues that it's not true!!

This what BN leaders proud-off always,sincere!!!

While the nation that brought us to Malaya is sincere in settling our problems,the nation(tanah tumpah nya darahku) that home for us for past two century,snubbed us!!
But we'll continue to struggle and win the fight for the rights!!

Makkal Sakthi Vellum!!!


Anonymous said...

Seeking Accountability, Hindraf - Downing Street 1st February 2008

It was a real eye opener, reading all those earnest posts from bloggers. HINDRAF was roundly criticized, because it spoke up for Hindus!
“Why not all Indians?”
“Why not all non Muslims?”
“Why not, all Malaysians who oppose this, amoral UMNO led dictatorship?” they ask.
The realization that the Tamil poor, the poorest of the poor, their desperate plight does not even impinge on the radar of consciousness of the vast majority of the people of the country let alone the UMNO government and its MIC stooges was indeed heart rendering! The abiding melancholy that haunts the Tamil poor does not seem to register with the masses.
Do the populace not understand the pain and anguish, of the Hindus, in seeing those who hold their race and religion in contempt; send in their hateful ‘storm troopers’ to raze their temples? Do they not see the humiliation and insult, of their place of worship being destroyed to give way to massage parlours and prostitution dens? Do they not understand the mocking offers to site their place of worship on/by/beside sewerage plants?
Do they not recognize the systematic ‘ethnic cleansing’ (of not, just Hindus but) non Muslims from participation in the Nation’s, educational and institutional arenas, based on economic, nationalist and racist claims to the land and power (‘Ketuanan Melayu’)?
Yes! Ethnic cleansing is more then genocide. In Bosnia and Herzegovina it began just this way, - they did not - just wake up one morning and decided to do away with fellow citizens of a given race and religious group.

And yes! It is a Hindu issue, but as Martin Niemoller put it;

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.
When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

So I hope fervently, that this is, but one small step towards accountability and justice for the many.
Many bloggers too, laughed, ridiculed and express outrage at the law suit the HINDRAF has put before the British Courts. I think that the law suit was truly ingenious and inspiring. It has mobilized the Tamils; it has globalized their plight. They no longer want to be hapless victims crying in the wilderness.

J. Pirenne in his 'History of the Universe', published in Paris in 1950, wrote " In the middle of the seventeenth century the riches of Asia were incomparably greater than those of the European states. Her industrial techniques showed a subtlety and a tradition that the European handicrafts did not possess. And there was nothing in the more modern methods used by the traders of the Western countries that Asian trade had to envy. In matters of credit, transfer of funds, insurance, and cartels, neither India, Persia, nor China had anything to learn from Europe."

For almost 200 years, there was a systematic transfer of wealth from India to Europe. Although Britain may have been the primary beneficiary, it's allies in Europe and the new world benefited no less. British Banks used their Indian capital to fund industry in the US, and elsewhere in Europe. The industrial revolution and the development of modern capitalism was based on the colonization of India (‘the jewel in the crown’) and the rest of the world. It was the forced pauperization of the colonized world and the vast network of indentured Indian labour that allowed nations such as Britain, Europe and the US to industrialize and "modernize".

Here then, is the explication of the vulnerability of Tamils to the colonial onslaught - especially so after the famines (1877- 1880) which led to the exodus of indentured labour to Malaya.
It was indentured labour from Tamilnadu that carved out the vast tracks of land from jungles and swamps, to cultivate rubber. Rubber was not a native plant to Malaya. Mile upon mile, in the most inhospitable terrain and weather the Tamils toiled. Hostile conditions and diseases like Malaria killed many. The same, with sugar and tea plantations. Malaya was from then on the largest, producer of rubber and exporter of tin in the world. The roads and the railways to transport all these commodities were the product the back-breaking toil of Tamils.
Abolition of the Slave Trade of Black Africans is often presented as being the result of a grand moral crusade that shook Western thought; but the reality is it continued with Indians from the subcontinent, in all but name.
Surely it is our right to seek accountability. The departing British left us with Article 153. The social contract is meaningless and obsolete. All we are left with is the ‘insolence of power’ that the ruling UMNO elite, daily demonstrate to the detriment of its non Muslim and Muslim population and the country at large.
A Nation’s greatest resource are her people – ALL OF HER PEOPLE! I hope we are not too late.

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