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Feb 1, 2008

Will Malaysians Get Pwned By Badawi Again?


In 2004, Malaysians gave Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Barisan Nasional a landslide victory (dubious one at best) due to his election promises to the people of this nation. The people were quite happy to have a fresh face for a PM, and the use of rhetoric such as “I am the #1 public servant” and “Work with me, not for me” really struck a cord with voters in the country. Finally, they thought, a PM who would listen to the rakyat.


4 years later, it has already been shown that Badawi not only does not listen to the rakyat, he sends out the police and the Attorney-General to arrest protesters and prosecute them using draconian laws such as illegal assembly laws and the Internal Security Act. What happened to “Speak to me, I have got big ears.”? I guess he was actually talking to his sycophants in BN, not the people. Especially not people who disagree with him. So, biasala, cakap kosong saja. more...


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