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Feb 1, 2008

Why I kick ass


(...) No, don't blame the Malays. Don't blame Umno. Don't blame Barisan Nasional. Umno can't form the government without the other 13 non-Malay component members of Barisan Nasional unless the non-Malays allow it to happen.

Comment by 'indianputra' posted in Malaysia Today's Blog

I am blaming the Malaysian Government led by the UMNO for the status of Indians in Malaysia. Do you want me to repeat? I will!

* 90% of all jobs in the civil service are for the Malays

* 98% of all jobs in Petronas is for Malays

* 95% of all CEO's & MD's of GLC's are Malays

* 90% of all police are Malays

* 95% of all Headmasters of schools are Malays

* 95% of all Government contract goes to Malays

* 85% of Malaysian Cabinet are Malays

* 90% of all nurses in Malaysia are Malays

* 96% of Malaysian Army, Air Force and Navy is manned by the Malays

* 10% discount is given to Malays to purchase houses

* With UMNO support almost all Malay businessmen are guaranteed bank and SME loans

* 90% of all government-linked education establishment have Malay students

Now, who is masterminding this? It is NOT YOU AND I. It is the UMNO-led Government. MIC and MCA are given handouts by this Government to satisfy the Indians and Chinese. Yet, these handouts do not reach the Rakyat and pocketed handsomely by the leaders.

So, what do we do?? GET RID OF BN. My plea for the Malays to feel guilty was to make them feel that this Government is unfair to the Indian and Chinese brothers and hopefully they will vote the opposition to reduce the 2/3 majority BN is having now. I know Malays. They are kind, have tremendous values, respects human beings and will ever support the downtrodden.... at least the vast majority of them. more...


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