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Feb 1, 2008

Malaysian Chinese are stupid


The first known Chinese arrived on the shores of Niah Caves in Sarawak circa 3,000 years ago. Trading specifically in Birds' Nest which is alleged to have medicinal value. Yes, dried Bird Spit sold at ridiculously exhorbidant prices is apparently good for your health. Apparently, so is drinking soup of dried balls of some dead animal too, it seems. *YUCK*

Early Chinese arrived during the Malacca days. Some even arriving with Zheng He's Armada. The majority of the Chinese arrived during the Tin Mining days of pre-Malaya, circa 1800's. It would seem that some of these tin miners have had one-too-many days in the sun. Why? Fighting a war that was not their own, for the Tengku Kudin and Raja Mahadi during the Selangor Civil War (1865-1873) Flagged under the Ghee Hin and Hai San umbrella, the DUMB Chinese continue ambling today with archaic mentality, totally oblivious to the world around them.

Even dumber politicians refusing to let them progress, because, with the insistence of Chinese Schools, they are falsely led to believe that upon graduation, they will get good paying jobs. Why do I say this? These Chinese-Educated Retards, graduate with absolutely no skill in handling a semi-decent conversation with a native English/ American speaker. What is vomited out is a freak of the most horrible mutated form of English. Grotesquely, these brain-dead Chinese proudly pat themselves on the back and proudly call it "Manglish", while their idiot Singaporean Cousins proudly call it "Singlish". How embarrassing, languishing and wallowing in "uneducated-ness". If you are lucky, you can catch the "Ang Moh's" giggling at your ineptness. That is, if you even have the intellect to know whom they are giggling at. You claim to speak "British English", yet when an Englishman is standing in front of you, neither one of you understand each other. How pathetic. Carry a paper bag, cut two holes for the eyes. And cover your head in shame.

The Global Business World judge people by one's ability to speak English. Lack of it is understood as a lack of intellect capability. This applies even though you are a qualified rocket scientist. And their "investment" conversations will drift elsewhere, and to other individuals who can carry out a comprehensible conversation, usually, where the billion dollar deals are then given to. Perhaps that is why, the very same politicians who hurriedly herd your children to Chinese Schools send their own kids overseas. They know this. And they are not willing to tell you. And why should they? They need to have a STUPID Population to govern. In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed jack is KING.

Just because the Triads and Gangsters thrive alongside the "Ah Longs" peddling in contra-band or knock-off items along the streets does not mean the greedy Chinese are successful. Gone are the days when Opium Dens and Brothels were the "Badges of Wealth". That was Yap Ah Loy's era. That was Yap Ah Loy's income. Yes. Yap Ah Loy, had many Yap Ah Moi's. In fact he had a battalion of 300 Yap Ah Moi's to feed the lustful Chinese in 1885. Unfortunately, this Neanderthal mentality has not been updated yet.

You claim "Economic Dominance". But in reality, are you really in charge? You bloody Fourth Class Citizen Dogs have absolutely no clue, nor do you care that the country which you live in is infested with greedy politicians. "I know so and so", and that is how you do business. Are you crazy? You end up working 25 hours a day like a mongrel, only to feed some lazy-ass effortlessly leeching on the spoils of your hard work. Worse, you change jobs faster than you can change your underwear for the sake of those extra few bucks. Barely learning anything useful to improve oneself to justify the miserable 5 cents pay increase. Malaysian Chinese suffer severe shortsightedness. This myopic disease transcends itself and is most obvious in the younger generation. Rainbow-colored hair and body piercings that shame a tailor's pin-cushion amidst the drone of monotonous Canto-Pop seems to replace the need for anything useful or meaningful. Confucius says, "Man don't look like Man, Ghost don't look like Ghost"

Where are the parents amidst all this? In a completely different world chasing the phantom "God of Money". What future does your child have, being raised by foreign Maids? Returning home, all you do is let your life be dictated by the "Wa Lai Toi" schedule. Crying and sobbing at fictitious characters with their fictitious problems. Don't you have enough problems of your own already? Do you need the TV to act as the Opium of your Mind, numbing it, till the reality of the World ceases to exist anymore?

And the numerous overpriced visits to the soothsayers and "bomohs" who rape and molest YOUR women and CHILDREN. Don't you ever learn? How many families must be destroyed before you come to your senses? Your children grow up in a place where crime is an accepted everyday occurrence. Only AFTER your wife, or your sister, or daughters are raped before you even lift an eyelid. "Not my Problem", "Won't happen to me." or "It's the other people who do it" are the most common lame excuses. Screw the "I am going to take my wealth back to MY China homeland." You've been here for too long, and you will never go back. Even the mainland Chinese reject you. Treat you as an outsider. Why? Because you are an outsider now. You have been, the first day your great-grandparents left China.

Chinese formula for life:

  • Get a job
  • Get Married
  • Have your 2.3 children
  • Retire
  • Die

Furthermore, all you care about is FOOD. The Chinese are such PIGS. Eating all the time!! Contesting among yourselves to see who can find the BEST restaurant. Let me tell you this, regardless what you eat today, be it a $1 pack of Nasi Lemak or a $1,000 slice of Abalone, it still will come out tomorrow morning as SHIT !! Unless of course, you have constipation. But then again, you anal-retentive Chinese maggots don't really care.

You are pathetic!! UMNO people have the right to HATE you. UMNO has the right to step all over you. And get Fat and Rich because of you. You deserve it. No amount of joss-stick waving, or "Hail Mary's" or visits to sembahyang at the Mosque is gonna help you. IDOTS!! Get an IQ of more than two digits please !!! BTW, Chimpanzees have an IQ of 120. What's YOURS?

Malaysian Chinese are indeed, conclusively, STUPID...

Those who get upset are pathetically still in denial.


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