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Feb 1, 2008

'Night-maring' Pak Lah and Barisan Nasional


after almost five years since the last election on march 2004, malaysians are about to decide their future again this upcoming march. as seen by spectators, the next election will again be dominated by Barisan Nasional. of course it is, because its impossible to see parties such as Keadilan or PAS to secure Frederal government throne, not because of conspiracy in SPR(election committee), but they are not ready to it. nevertheless, they are deficient in people's confidence.

along 4 years of BN supervision, i see a lot of guarantee promised by Mr.Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, but none of it converted into reality. people are upset and anxious of Pak Lah sweet talking, but no action was done. yet he told the press yesterday that procedures require time to be accomplished.

was that means we have to vote for BN again in order to secure your words? if we did it, do we have to did it so and so in the next election and again and again? we know every election is tough for oppositions. they struggle hard with their claims, accusations, contentions, and charges en route for obtaining peoples' enthusiasm toward them. they oftenly fail, but this next election we will see a lot of difference, in comparison with past elections, BN always won easily, but i dare say here that this upcoming election will never be the same again.

the rakyat are demanding more and they could not stand anymore with the current climax as the govenment are seen as under-performed and too slow, not aggresive but making so much changes instead, and in the same time, burden the people. with the increase of oil price, tol, critical ammount of unemployed citizens, fluctuate and unstable social conditions, it can be concluded that the government is doing nothing and not performed well.

sometime i love to watch imbalance government, with a limited resources of power. what im trying to figure out here is the imbalance government will always monitored by the oppositions, which both team acquired almost equal powers, which they have a strong checking and balancing system especially in parliament.

me - just wait and see


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