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Mar 14, 2008

UMNO recommends stopping Penang projects


Penang Umno will recommend to the Federal Government to stop all proposed mega projects in the state, include those planned under the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER), the second Penang Bridge, the light monorail transit system, the Penang Outer Ring Road, the Penang Sentral and the RapidPenang bus service.

State Umno secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said the previous Gerakan-led state government had worked together with the federal government to bring all sorts of development to Penang.

"Since the people have clearly rejected development and made their choice for a change, we will recommend to the federal government to cancel all such projects. Don’t blame us for this," he said after a state liaison committee meeting here today.

Asked if this was Umno’s revenge, Azhar, who was appointed opposition chief, said: "This is not revenge…it is the new government's responsibility to bring development to the state. We have done so many things in the past but we were criticised…we were blamed for wasting this and wasting that.”

To another question if this would bring about any implications to the people, he said: "The people have chosen and they wanted a new leadership."


Anonymous said...

i personally know this Azhar (been a good friend to one of his son, n he knew me well)...
but his statement is not as i expected... hmm what n utter disgrace lah this guy, a statement of a sour grape, a sore looser... poor u dato', look at how bad UMNO had poisoned u old man... from a good teacher to an arrogant revengeful old fart... keep on keep on this manner and by PRU 13, UMNO led BN will be an old story, abitter episode everyone wants to forget... Thank you Azhar...

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