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Apr 23, 2008

Altantuya's family asks for help

Sun2surf - (..) Speaking through his lawyer and translator Munkhsaruul Mijiddorj in his hotel room, Shaariibuu said the boy has an enlarged head because of accumulation of fluid in the brain and he cannot walk.

"Altanshagai does not know of his mother’s death yet and it is hard for us to see him standing in front of her picture, saying 'mother, please come back'," said Shaariibuu, who is also the director of the Centre for Information and Education in the National University of Mongolia in Ulan Bator.

"We have told him that she is away working in Korea. Altanshagai hopes that every knock at the door is that of his mother returning," he said.

Shaariibuu said since Altantuya’s death, it has been hard making ends meet.

"Altantuya was the main breadwinner in our home and she had worked hard to pay for Altanshagai’s medical expenses," he said.

He said Altantuya had taken the boy for three operations and was scheduled to take him for another round of treatment before she went missing.

After these three treatments, the boy started to speak but still could not walk. However, when Altantuya was alive, she would hold his hand patiently and encourage him to walk, said Shaariibuu.

Her elder son, B. Mongonshagai, 11, has stopped attending public school and is tutored privately as he could no longer bear the jokes and jibes from classmates regarding her mother's murder.

"Mongonshagai is also exposed to the news and internet and reads the reports posted online,’ said Shaariibuu. more...


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