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Apr 25, 2008

Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell


Raja Petra Kamarudin
I had dinner with a few friends last night and on the way to the restaurant another good friend, Din Merican, phoned to fill me in on the details of Dr Setev Shaariibuu’s press conference that was held earlier that day. I listened as Din filled me in on what transpired and could not help but blurt out, “I am a father of two daughters. I can imagine what Shaariibuu must be feeling. Fucking assholes!”

“I have three daughters,” Din responded. “These people are animals, bloody animals. Fuck them! Fuck them!” This is what I would call ‘at a loss for words’ -- and when you just have to say something but no words can fully describe how you feel, then ‘fuck’ is the only word you can use which will console you enough and make you feel you have expressed your anger and disgust in a most ‘appropriate’ manner.

“Hey, don’t insult animals,” I replied. “Animals are cute. I love cats, dogs and horses. These people are worse than animals. Even animals will not do something like this.”

“Even pigs can be cute,” my wife who was driving the car butted in and I repeated what she said. “Yes, even pigs are cute. These people are not even the same level as pigs. They are lower than pigs. Melayu babi, the whole lot of them.”

I found it very difficult to hold back my tears as Din continued with his narration of what Dr Shaariibuu said at his press conference. Yes, I am a very emotional person as many may have suspected by now. But I can also be very stubborn and stiff-lipped as well when facing an adversary, as the Special Branch officers from Bukit Aman have discovered. I am what the Malays would call ‘marah nyamuk, bakar kelambu’. And I would not hesitate to deny my body food and water as an act of defiance just to prove to my jailors that they may incarcerate my body but they can never own my mind or break my spirit. But hearing what Dr Shaariibuu had to say ‘broke’ me. Even my degil got tamed. more...

No2umnO - Sometime ....I enjoy to listen that words.


Anonymous said...

When asked about the connection between dpm and altantuya ,the pm said there was no evidence linking the death of altantuya to the dpm. How very simplistic from a simpleton pm.
In malaysia members of the politburo can behave like a complete idiot whenever they choose
to do so. They may be the ag, the senior police officer on tv or mor popularly senior politicians.

From a kampong man perspective-which is the perspective of any umno or bn guy-he must behave like [ala lingam] a kampong guy a true crocodile dundee -more crocodile than dundee of course. His thinking is simplistic and his answers will kill any further inquiry into any issues. Of course the mainstream media can also help spread this kind of argument far and wide.

One does not expect the dpm to do his dirty job himself. He has machais or work hands to undertake such a job for him. So from a simplistic rationale the dpm did not commit any crime. It would be more tidy had the body been blown to smithereens- then there would really be no evidence. Because the cleaning up was a bit untidy, there appeared for a need to have an inquiry and a court case and a set of accused people and so on.

From a bn/umno rationale- good story ha. No body parts. no 'witnesses' . Woman killed in james bond style- from a geezer with a licence to kill. So where did the story go wrong.
The woman had a a couple of relatives-staying with her in kl and had came down with her-stayed in a low class ubiquitous hotel in the sleezy part of town. That is not difficult to handle- the brains at perdana putra level 4 probably arranged to have their travel records rubbed out juat as altantuya had been rubbed out by the c4. And who was the minister of home affairs? pm did not know[ repeat 5x]

Talking about the body in murder cases- in the case of the people vs sunny ang, there was no body found, yet sunny was found to be guilty and subsequently hanged.

And d of guys who did not co

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