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Apr 10, 2008

Modern pig farming facility approved by BN - Khalid

Sun2surf - This is the same area which will be developed as the modern pig farming facility, he said adding that the was no increase in the hectarage involved in the project.
All acquisition costs is to be borne by a private company and the proceeds chanelled to the Selangor Economic Development Unit (UPEN), he said.

“We have to make this announcement just to make people’s mind a little clearer,” Abdul Khalid said cynically.

He said, the approval is in principal because the land has already been acquired.

Abdul Khalid said the previous state government has carried out thorough studies on the facility and had even embarked on a" lawatan sambil belajar" (visit and learning) trip to Europe to study the pig farming facilities there. “They have a very elaborate report which takes into account the environmental impact on the
area and all that,” he said adding that the present government will improve on the implementation.

We had taken into account three options:

  • To not change anything and maintain status quo. However we believe Selangor residents want the changes to be made especially in the view of the Japanese Encephalitis outbreak a few years ago.
  • To not allow any pig farming in the state. However this does not make sense as we have to take into account the sensitivities of the multi-racial community in Selangor.
  • To create a centralised and modern facility which can contain pollution from pig farming wastes, using recycling and reusing techniques.


Anonymous said...

Bravo TS Khalid...exposing BN and media's hypocrisy with just using Babi issue. This is what 20 yrs (TDM onwards) of crappy UMNO is all about...

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