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Apr 2, 2008

.on the UMNO bla bla bla forum in Hotel Singgahsana recently


You are all missing the point. Umno is not relevant. A racial party is not relevant. Don't you get it? Ketuanan Melayu as if!! Who rip off duit government/rakyat from all the development projects? Siapa yang dok 'tapis' supaya kroni kroni aje dapat projek? Siapa yang 'charge extra' kat Bumiputra companies kalau nak your company dapat projek? Sapa yang buat AUKU supaya budak-budak universiti kita lebih adore Britney Spears dari Tuk Janggut dan Dato' Bahaman? Sapa kalau bukan the leaders of UMNO??

Dato Mukhriz, tak payahla nak post election post mortem. Just do your job and serve the rakyat. That's what we want. We don't care who led UMNO. We don't care if UMNO is buried.

For all we know your father was not any better. If it was Mahathir's time, we won't win five states, not because of his immaculate leadership, but rather because he tangkap all the opposition leaders and sent them to Kamunting charged with sodomy.

It all started from you Tun, the biased newspapers, the fear of ISA, the exploitation of the police force - the people become fearful to express their own opinion for their love of the country. You basically silenced any voice that was even slightly against you. That was how Haron Din was banned from RTM.

All that mattered was how much we made and what car we drove. The society became so materialistic because there was no room to be other than that. How could you be different when what you said and how you act is dictated - this cannot that cannot if not - lose your job, kena ISA, your anak lose biasiswa.

It all started from you Tun.

And Dr Khir Toyo - please lah. I am sick of you. Can you please stop making any public appearences with your tempe face. U reminded me of those setinggan faces when you arrogantly demolished their houses. You'd inflicted too much hurt and pain to the rakyat of Selangor. So pleaselah Khir Toyo. Please get lost.


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