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May 2, 2008


kamal-talksmalaysia - (...) Political leaders wives should not be allowed to do things at their own whim and fancy without complying with the laws of this country. These are public funds which were sourced through donations from companies which had dealings with the state government and one must be accountable for every sen that is spent for public interest.

Its been revealed that the wives of the former political leaders in Selangor had used these association’s funds for overseas trips while accompanying their husbands and having a shopping galore. No where in the associations rules or clause allows these wives of state leaders to use public funds for their global trips and to do their personal shopping depriving many who deserve these sums for a proper living.

The Police, Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Registrar of Societies need to look into this matter seriously as public funds are involved and if there is a travesty of justice, the law should take it course no matter how high one’s position is. more...


Anonymous said...

How to investigate & arrest, this move is suggested & supported by the Federal Government, they did this within the constitution loopholes to avoid funds from Opposition use. The laws in Malaysia only protect the authority and rich. If you've money you can bend the law even if you have been caught raping, killing, and bullying.

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