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May 2, 2008


YEP! Confirmed it with Marina just a while ago....The Police has asked Raja Petra to come to the CCID (the same place they freed Nat, also the same place that they grilled Jeff Ooi, sometime last year), just before lunch time. To be exact, they want him there at 1100 hrs, tomorrow.

It was reported that 6 coppers interrupted the family breakfast early this morning, questioned him and "borrowed' his notebook. Raja Petra and Mrina was with us at yesterday's BUM2008. As one of the many panel speakers he took the audience through the three evolutionary stages of his life. Could it be that the SB mistook evolutionary with revolutionary. Possible? NO?

A revolutionary thought came to mind. Is there a provision where each state can have their police contingent under their respective state governments. I know for a fact that in the US of A, the police from one state do not cross state lines, even to go after criminals....they have to get the OK from that state/county police chief. Must get our Members of Parliament to play around with this proposal during the next 13 days. Further at ..... zorro-unmasked


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