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May 2, 2008

Unlocking the secrets - The Sun

Unlocking the secrets By Terence Fernandez and Maria J. Dass

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim CAME TO PROMINENCE AFTER THE "dawn raid" of the London Stock Exchange IN 1981 which delivered the Guthrie Group into Malaysian hands. AT DAWN ON March 9, The former CEO of PNB was part of another coup which brought Selangor under PAKATAN RAKYAT. the mentri Besar talks to Terence Fernandez and Maria J. Dass about Umno, pig FARMING and the state’s DIRECTION under his leadership.

Tan Sri, the integrated pig farming issue is getting out of hand. Is it true you approved such a large area?

Well, the exco during (then mentri besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad) Khir Toyo’s time approved over 300 acres (120ha) of land. And he admitted that he in fact agreed in principle. There’s no issue here. Let me explain. When I came in (as mentri besar) I read all their reports, quite elaborate reports. I don’t think they made a decision without much thought. This indicated that they were serious. They went around town … they even went overseas, did environment reports, studied them and made their decision. And as a professional, I looked at the decision and said "hey, this is reasonable". more....


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