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May 2, 2008

Open letter to Mr and Mrs Khir Toyo - Advisor and Chairperson of BALKIS

Dear En. Khir Toyo and wife

First of all please excuse me for calling you Encik as I feel more comfortable and at ease calling you Encik rather than Dato’.

I am writing to you in the open space as I have failed in my attempts to get a copy of BALKIS Constitution for my own reading and to formulate my thoughts on the matter. For your information I have request the above document from the following means:

a. By calling Registrar of Society office where I was told that such document is confidential and

b. Writing a comment in your Blog i.e. “Cetusan Dr Mohamad Khir bin Toyo” on the 28th April 2008 requesting a copy of the document where I had requested for the said document ( Here )

c. I have also asked a senior Puteri Umno member who is apparently close to you for a copy of the document which according to her, you will email to me.

d. I have tried to contact the legal firm that you mention in the papers “Sallehudin and Co” to get more information but sadly I can’t even find this firm. It is not registered in the Yellow pages, white pages or the Bar Council website.

e. I tried to contact BALKIS via its website but the site has been closed. No one can tell me how to contact BALKIS office bearers.
Dato, I no longer know which is the best method to reach you since the day you had to vacate your post as the MB (come to think of it, when you were the MB, I also don’t know how to reach you). You and your wife defended openly that what ever she did is right and according to the constitution. What I don’t understand is, why is your wife waving the constitution in the TV and yet only read one or two paragraph of it. Why is it so difficult for you/your wife to give me a copy of the constitution? I hope you are not going to give the constitution after the issue has become stale. Further at Malaysiatoday....


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