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May 17, 2008

EC wants electoral laws reviewed

rashidmalaysiainsider - [...] EC chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman believes that a review is urgently required because the EC needs to have the power to put in place a completely new set of electoral roll which is acceptable to all.

"We feel that there must be new laws making it easier for us to introduce or prepare electoral rolls before each election. A roll that is not subject to question nor controversy. I wouldn't want to say major or minor, but there must be a committee to look into the whole law.

"(It is) to study what the EC actually requires in order to put the commission in a position of strength. A position where you can really determine the proper conduct of elections. We need to review all the laws and not just one.
"These laws include the Election Act, the Election Offences Act. We need to look into the constitution itself, Article 113 to 120," said Abdul Rashid at a press conference after launching the “National Seminar On Election 2008: Democracy at Work” at the International Islamic University Malaysia here.>> selanjutnya

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